Software Requirements and Design Specification Documents


  • Software Requirements Specification document SRS
  • Software Design Specification document SDS


Software Requirement Specification

  • The purpose of the Software Requirements Specification document is to outline the functional, non-functional, and business requirements
  • The requirements are documented in such a way that facilitates developers to understand the functionality to be developed along with the constraints they meet.

Software Design Specification

  • The design specification document outlines the software architecture and design of the software
  • The Software design document would demonstrate how the design will accomplish the functional and non-functional requirements captured in the Software Requirement Specification (SRS)
  • The document will provide a framework to the programmers by describing the high-level components and architecture, subsystems, interfaces, database design, and algorithm design. This is achieved through the use of architectural patterns, design patterns, sequence diagrams, class diagrams, relational models, and user interfaces.


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