BABOK® Visual Study Guide

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BABOK® Visual Study Guide
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Pages: 218
Size: A4 210 × 297 millimeters or 8.27 × 11.69 inches
Format: pdf
Publisher: Institute i4
Publishing Date: December, 2019 Version 2.0
Language: English


The BABOK® visual study guide is a summary of the BABOK® represented in a graphical way to allow simple and engaging learning of the business analysis concepts and practices. BABOK® guide includes huge amount of structured text information, however, a visual presentation and summary of those information is very effective for you to learn them.


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10 reviews for BABOK® Visual Study Guide

  1. Maddox GARCIA (verified owner)

    I was required to purchase this book for my BA course but never thought a visual format could be so useful in learning. I am happy to say that although there are some improvements needed, it doesn’t distract me from reading and enjoying. I am pleased with the content and quality.

  2. Meghan Robinson

    Well, I passed my exam and this book helped loads. Nice reference guide too

  3. Xavier

    I’m a project manager and was reluctant to read the 600 page BABOK. With this visual guide, it was so easy to cover what i needed about business analysis best practices.

  4. Betty Carter

    Easy and simple. It helped me remember the information more quickly. A good starting point for the exam preparation.

  5. James Young

    A real value for understanding the BABOK and accelerate learning

  6. Fernando Cape

    The techniques section is fabulous. 50 techniques in 50 pages 🙂

  7. Amanda Adams

    Most of the times, it is straight to the point with few words, and that make it easy to know the meaning. I still need to go back to the BABOK sometimes when the summary is too short, but i would say it saved 60% of my time.

  8. Jose Lucas

    The BABOK Visual Study Guide is an efficient read for those who don’t have much time to read the original 580+ BABOK pages. Well organized and more attractive due to the symbols and information mappings

  9. Carmine

    Highlights the most important points of the BABOK so I could understand the topic more quickly..

  10. Lex

    Graphically organized which make it easy to move between items

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