Business Data Analytics for Managers

Course Description

Business Data Analytics (BDA) refers to the combination of techniques and tools for analyzing data to provide actionable business insights. In today’s business world, decision-makers of all levels are required to make decisions driven by data. This data-driven decision culture not only enables quicker decisions without conflicts but also provides the organization a strategic competitive advantage. Thereby the demand for managers with Business Analytics skills has increased exponentially in recent years, indicating the rapid adoption of analytics by organizations across the globe.

Business Data Analytics for Managers Program is designed to build a strong foundation for young professionals and managers of all levels to gain practical Business and Data Analytics knowledge through a case study approach with simple tools such as Excel. This program proves that the value of data analysis isn’t necessarily obtained using advanced technologies such as big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. With simple tools, smart questions, and handy analytics techniques, managers can get massive value from data analytics to develop products, understand their customers, improve operational efficiency, detect and manage risks proactively.¬†

Course Objectives

Upon course completion, you will be be able to:

  • Ask the right questions related to a business problem or opportunity
  • Determine what data is needed to help you make assumptions and conclusions
  • Conduct the data analysis process from planning to visualization
  • Use business analysis techniques to interpret data and provide evidence for decision-making

Who Should Attend

This course has been specifically designed for:

  • Managers and decision-makers at all levels
  • Business consultants¬†
  • Business owners

Course Schedule

Delivered Online in 3 sessions,

Each session is 3 hours long

Custom schedule is possible upon request

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