CBAP Certification

CBAP Exam Questions

Questions Types The knowledge questions test your basic understanding of key concepts and principles. These questions usually require you to remember specific facts or definitions. The comprehension questions test your ability to understand and interpret information. These questions usually require you to read a short passage of text and answer questions about it. The application…

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Passing the CBAP Examination

Set a Goal Kit Up All Roads Lead to BABOK The Glossary Matters Your Understanding Will be Tested Knowledge Areas, Tasks, Inputs, Outputs and Techniques If it looks unfamiliar, it’s probably the wrong answer Use a CBAP Simulator Create Flash Cards for the Difficult Areas Training Helps   IIBA’s Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) Certification…

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Reviewing the Business Analysis Core Concept Model (BACCM™)

The Business Analysis Core Concept Model (BACCM™) provides you with a conceptual framework that shows what it really means to be a business analyst. This framework creates a common, generic language describing the business analysis profession. You can use this common language to discuss what you do with a business analyst working in a different…

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Exploring the CBAP Knowledge Areas

The CBAP® knowledge areas are the base of the CBAP exam; they guide the business analysts when they perform business analysis activities at any point in the project or product life cycle. CBAP Exam Knowledge areas define what business analysts need to understand and the tasks they should perform. They do not represent project phases,…

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CBAP Certification.. Qualifying for it

CBAP Certification Logo

Identifying the Typical CBAP Candidate Starting the CBAP Application Documenting Your Work Experience Confirming Your Professional Development for the CBAP Certification Providing Professional References for the CBAP Application Completing the CBAP Certification Exam Application Reviewing the CBAP Exam Details Maintaining the IIBA CBAP Certification Adhering to the CBAP Certification Code of Ethical Conduct and Professional…

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