The BABOK visual study guide is a summary of the BABOK represented in a graphical way to allow simple and engaging learning of the business analysis concepts and practices. BABOK guide includes huge amount of structured text information, however, a visual presentation and summary of those information is very effective for you to learn them.

What is Inside

  • 6 case studies, each covers the tasks of one knowledge area
  • Higlights from case studies to connect to the BABOK tasks
  • Business Analysis tasks color poster
  • 30 task charts including the inputs, ouputs and elements for each task with short description
  • Short quiz for each knowledge area
  • Techniques table with short description of each technique
  • Competencies maps

Benefits of the Visual Guide


Compared with text, visual presentation is superior in the efficiency of communication. People only tend to remember 10% of what they hear, 20% of what they read, but 80% of what they see.

Ease of Understanding

One of the primary advantages the visual guide offers is simplicity. For example, a chart tells you immediately where and how a knowledge element fits in the big picture.

Cross-cultural Communication

When people learn in a foreign language, unfamiliar vocabulary or sentence structure lead to ambiguity. Adding pictures and symbols to the message remove those obstacles.


Visual materials are relatively more eye-pleasing. When presenting with colors and diagrams, it makes people relaxed and helps them memorize the information better.

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